I have been trying to investigate the death of singer songwriter Elliott Smith for years. After talking to many people who knew him, after looking at the details of the autopsy report and the narrative of his girlfriend Jennifer Chiba, I was alarmed by the many inconsistencies and discrepancies of the case. His death was determined inconclusive by the coroner and the case was left open by the LAPD since.

Rock NYC‘s editor Iman Lababedi started being interested by Elliott’s story when sound engineer Larry Crane left a comment following a review of one of Elliott’s albums and mentioning his ‘suicide’: ‘Your facts on Elliott’s passing are incorrect’, wrote Crane, and that was enough to trigger Iman’s curiosity. When I also left a comment, a long investigation into Elliott Smith’s mysterious death started.

All these articles were originally published by Rock NYC over the course of five years.

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  1. kimberly says:

    Alyson, just a comment to let you know I think you are fighting a very worthwhile fight and hope that you continue until something comes of it. I have read all of your reporting and draw many of the same conclusions that you have. Have you ever tried to get this story more attention on a broader forum such as an investigative news program like 48Hours on CBS? The nature and facts and mysteries of Elliott’s story would seem to work on such a program and could possibly spur some action on the part of the investigators. I really think this case needs to reach more people; clearly, his fans are paying attention, but if only more “important” ears were listening, perhaps some sort of positive action may occur. At the very least, a re-examining of the evidence and facts needs to be done. I appreciate your tireless efforts and believe that you will get there.

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  2. alysoncamus says:

    Thank you for your support Kimberly! I have tried to contact a few media about the story, so far I haven’t been successful but I don’t give up. I hope this website will be able to draw more attention on the case. Thanks again for the comment!


  3. Hollywood M says:

    Go Camus!


  4. Thomas says:

    Thank you for your hard work on Elliott’s case. I remember hearing about the absurd assumption that his death was a suicide way back in 2004 and was blown away that the people who are supposedly trusted with protecting the public could be so clueless, corrupt or both… The world needs more people of high integrity and work ethic like yourself. Have you gotten in touch with Ole Damagaurd of Light on Conspiracies and others who specialize in these cases with large followings? Check out: https://www.lightonconspiracies.com/

    Thanks for all you do…


  5. Virgini Garci says:

    I think it’s absolutely insane that his girlfriend wasn’t investigated a lot deeper, he didn’t do that to himself, no way…and then she removes the knife? How convenient!…I hope that this case gets reopened, he was an amazing, sensitive man and not psychotic. Hate it when I read he killed himself ! Unbelievable…


    1. Clementine says:

      I hadnt even thought about her taking the knife out. It would explain her fingerprints being on it if she did do him in. I try not to go in for theories like this when it’s a possible suicide but knowing what we know about his last year and whatnot, this never felt right. Im glad people are still pushing


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