A Mysterious Blind Item Is Revealed To Be About Elliott Smith

A few weeks ago, a blind item posted on the website Crazydaysandnights was brought to my attention, with the idea that this could well be about Elliott Smith. This is what was posted:

Blind Item #12 – Reader Blind Item

Think back to the biggest violent Rock Deaths of the last few decades and one will probably stand out.

This is NOT that death. But think within a decade or so. Same coast, different style, different music, different weapon.

Like the big death, conspiracy theories abounded about possible foul play. Focusing on someone close to The Late Musician. These theories are both convincing and enduring.

What they don’t tell you is that this theory is perpetuated and supported online still after all these years by certain family members of The Late Musician. It is very much in their best interest to keep these conspiracies active and growing because it directs attention away from information that might make them look culpable in other, more indirect ways, for his untimely and tragic death.

Due to the litigious nature of these people, confidants, biographers, and journalists have only been able to hint at the nightmare childhood The Late Musician endured. Not only abuse from a close family member but at the hands of others with the full knowledge and enabling of said family member. He wasn’t the only one who was hurt either.  The Late Musician spoke about this often and unambiguously, off the record, shortly before his death. His next record was going to explicitly tell all.

The family member contacted him again, repeatedly. It contributed to a slide into paranoia, shame, and despair.

If friends (or family) of The Late Musician even look like they might make accusations of the #metoo variety the lawyers will quickly put an end to them. The worst part is that they use the profits from his music to do this. People are silenced almost before they can open their mouths.

It will, perhaps, come to light one day in the future. I hope so. He was a sweet human being and no one deserves what he went through. ‘



I had no clues about this website, but simple research told me it is run by a lawyer nicknamed ‘Enty’, the mysterious ‘Blind Item King’, who has already been the subject of high profile articles in the Daily Beast and Vanity Fair. Looking at these articles, it’s easy to see he has made important revelations in the past, concerning celebrities from Kevin Spacey, Matt Lauer to Harvey Weinstein, and a few big fish who went recently down.

Investigative journalist Mark Ebner (one of only 20 people who knows the blogger’s real-life identity) had this to say: ‘Enty Lawyer is like the anti-Perez Hilton. In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.’

So the guy apparently knows what he is talking about and this surely isn’t limited to the #metoo movement.

When I saw the blind item, I was first skeptical, would Enty even consider to write about Elliott whereas most of his stuff concerns big Hollywood celebrities? Sure the beginning fitted very well: ‘This is NOT that death. But think within a decade or so. Same coast, different style, different music, different weapon’, something you can see as a reference to the other big death in rock ‘n’ roll in the last decades, Kurt Cobain, who died about 10 years before Elliott.

But there is no more guessing game as the blind item was revealed to be indeed about Elliott Smith.

Now what? What does this tell us we don’t already know? The alleged abuse has already been mentioned each time an article or a book about Elliott was published, and the idea is present in many of Elliott’s songs. ‘Roman Candle’, his first solo album, as many other songs, allude to the abuse. It is a fact he has endured hell as a child and teenager, we just don’t know the exact nature of the abuse.

Enty is talking about others being enablers and I have no problem with imagining it was the case, as abusers have enablers. Guessing who exactly were the enablers could be pure speculation, but it’s easy to think they could be close family members.

As for the accusations of the #metoo variety, it is entirely possible, as you can interpret a few songs in this sense (Waltz #2 for example), and just read all the lyrics of Southern Belle! Bunny, Elliott’s mother, may have been a victim of Charlie too.

So all these affirmations fit very well, but I cannot confirm a few other points:

#1. ‘His next record was going to explicitly tell all’

I know that the family didn’t want the song ‘Abuse’ on the record, however, saying that the record was going to be a tell-all, is not knowing Elliott’s work very well. His songs were never totally autobiographical and Elliott intended to put on his album many of the songs which actually ended up on the posthumous album. So I don’t buy the censorship largely advertised by Chiba’s supporters. Some songs were indeed discarded but not always for the reasons that come to mind first: ‘Suicide Machine’ was not on the record, but if you read the lyrics, it is the opposite of a song about wanting to kill yourself!

#2 ‘The family member contacted him again, repeatedly. It contributed to a slide into paranoia, shame, and despair’. Liam Gowing alluded to this in his article, and yes, it was said that Charlie and the family wanted to come for Thanksgiving. I have no doubt the idea made Elliott uncomfortable, but this was an argument used by Gowing to support the idea of suicide, the ‘facing his old demons’ idea. And I have also heard that Elliott wanted to forgive, so who knows where is the truth.

#3 ‘Due to the litigious nature of these people, confidants, biographers, and journalists have only been able to hint at the nightmare childhood The Late Musician endured. […] They use the profits from his music to do this. People are silenced almost before they can open their mouths.’

This is the part that I definitively cannot confirm. If it is true, this means that the family has threatened to sue people who wanted to investigate the abuse allegations. Liam Gowing made allusion to this but I have never found any document that could confirm. One important thing is that there are really 2 families, the family of Gary Smith (biological father) and the family of Bunny Welch (the biological mother married to Charlie Welch, the alleged abuser), and the two sides do not really communicate or speak to each other. If threats were made, they had to come from the Welches not from the Smiths, and, to my knowledge, the estate was run by Marta Greenwald who is married to Gary Smith. So the ‘They use the profits from his music to do this’ is a dubious statement for several reasons. I don’t know how profitable the estate is although I am not aware of any of their financial arrangements. I would add that, after Elliott’s death, the estate has supported numerous charities for several years, and had to pay lawyers due to the lawsuit perpetuated by Jennifer Chiba for 3 years.

One thing is certain, the abuse allegations are not helping the investigation, this goes against the credibility of the family and any serious investigation would expose a skeleton they all want to keep in the closet.

Enty also alludes at the ‘conspiracy theories’ which ‘abounded about possible foul play. Focusing on someone close to The Late Musician. These theories are both convincing and enduring’ … I am not paranoid but, I feel like the allegation that ‘this theory is perpetuated and supported online still after all these years by certain family members’ is directly addressed to my research… who else has been publicly raising suspicions about what happened for years? However, I am not a family member, and if I have sporadically communicated with some of them, I cannot say they support me in any way. You don’t see them approving publicly what I am doing, or even commenting, they always want to stay anonymous, so I have always had to say ‘a family member told me’…

In the end I don’t think they keep these conspiracies alive because it directs attention away from information that might make them look culpable, if they support what I do, and I am only talking about Gary Smith’s side, it is because the story, which was perpetuated by Jennifer Chiba through diverse media, is filled with discrepancies, contradictions, and distortions.

I would end with this important point the ‘conspiracy theories are both convincing and enduring’. Even though I would not call what I am doing a conspiracy theory – detective J. King himself told me he ‘was NOT considering me a conspiracy theorist’ – Enty calls the theories convincing, and this is what counts. The fact that Elliott was abused doesn’t exclude the fact he may have been murdered. It just gives a good argument to Chiba’s defenders and it is another obstacle toward the truth.


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4 Comments Add yours

  1. Johnathan Glass says:

    I read this a week or two ago and was hoping you’d respond.

    I don’t think that *anyone* is 100% right 100% of the time but I’ve never questioned Enty’s motives. Their heart always seems to be firmly in the right place.


    1. alysoncamus says:

      Good to know! I didn’t know this website before this was posted. There is some truth in it, as I tried to say, but there are some exaggerations? or at least interpretations that can’t be confirmed.


  2. Danielle says:

    It is still somewhat surreal to me I never heard of this musician or his music until a month ago. The closest I came was hearing the song in the Royal Tennenbaum’s movie, Needle in the Hay, which I didn’t care for, at least not in 2001 or whenever it was I saw the movie on video (yes, video, lol, that long ago) and really it was in that I found the movie dark and weird so associated the song with the scene in which I believe it was played. My memory isn’t that fantastic after all of this time.
    I stumbled onto one of his songs when it was featured in a YouTube video from one of my favorite channels & I was stopped dead in my tracks. It was the song “Can’t Make a Sound”, for the record. From there, needless to say, I looked this person up and went on to listen to many songs for the next several hours.
    At some point, I came across a comment in one of the videos comment sections that mentioned his having commit suicide and I actually cried. Then I felt crazy and like a freakish weirdo. Here I am, a 48 year old woman, first highly aggravated and bewildered as to how in the hell it could be that I went unaware of a musician whose music I would have absolutely loved in the late 90s, in addition to forever. I never saw the movie “Good Will Hunting”, which I know sounds bizarre to people, it’s just I’m a very ‘not into Hollywood & movies-in-general” kind of person since probably the very early 90s. Perhaps having seen Good Will Hunting would have been the foot in the door for me, as I do love the one version of Miss Misery. Still, it is not in my top even 10 of his extensive list.
    I went on to read & learn more about him & his music and I eventually came across your excellent WordPress site and petition – which I have shared with others who were not aware of it and hopefully they in turn are sharing it forward, likewise.
    Of all of the things I have come across, what I found most compelling, as well as heartbreaking, was reading the excerpts from Caroline, his studio neighbor. It was about the most poignant thing I’d read from anybody who had the pleasure of meeting this person, who I cannot help but to somehow feel I am correct in assuming was what my family and I like to call “good people”. Listening to some of his interviews and watching some of his live performances, as well as hearing certain audio, leads me to believe he was a kind and decent person who likely didn’t have a rotten bone in his body.
    I’m sure fans will be a little heavier in heart in a few weeks when what would have been his milestone half century birthday August 6th rolls around. I know nobody can know for sure as there are still too many uncertainties, but between you and me, from what I read and can logically deduce based on my own perceptions and gut feelings, Jennifer Chiba murdered him. I would feel the same way even if I wasn’t aware of the questionable and telling circumstances with his fatal wounds. Statistics you provided are statistics for a reason and it’s hard to dispute the odds.
    I never heard of this “crazy” website until I came across this post you made in February and it gave me chills to read what this “Enty” lawyer person wrote. Obviously he was speaking of ES – but wow, hard to know what to make of it. I found something kind of comforting about it, though I wouldn’t want to think it could harm or impede any possible forward movement or activity on his “cold case” – assuming it is still open as of July 2019 which I do not know & shouldn’t assume.
    At the end of the day, all specifics aside, the fact remains that his death was labeled officially undetermined, and that in and of itself is just plain wrong because we know it was “Either/Or” and NOT ‘undetermined’. If this had happened even 20 or 30 years earlier, it would have been ruled a homicide and Ms. Chiba would have needed to get herself a good lawyer right out of the gate. Nowadays, especially with those of even minor celebrity status, the kid gloves automatically come out. Even before I became aware of the finer details and had only read in a comment he stabbed himself in the heart, I immediately found that to be absolutely preposterous. I also recently read she was “obsessed with knives”. Who knows? Now I will also say, between you and I, and it is not my intention to sound “racist” at all, a word that is used far too often and incorrectly these days, I have never liked seeing white men date Asian women. I am not into “diversity” and “multiculturalism” and I believe we are to be with our own kind, as our Creator intended, and there is good reason for that. I think there is a certain barrier that exists between cultures, and love (or lust) can’t always transcend it. I gather their relationship was not a healthy one – not when your neighbors and friends attest to the fact there was regular fighting/screaming matches/doors slamming. Not good, especially with adults, 34 and 36 years old at the time is too old for daily screaming matches. More than anything, studio neighbor Caroline’s impressions of “the force” told me everything I need to know of Ms. Chiba. Seems she thought she owned Elliott and for whatever reasons, he seemed to allow her having ownership over him. If it’s true his telling her he was leaving her that fateful October 21, 2003 morning, then it is all the more likely what we think happened, happened. I don’t think her ego could handle it. She got away with murder…for now?
    Thank you for your excellent efforts in all you have done for the sake of this man – somebody needed to step up and do it and apparently you were the person for this. If Elliott had found a woman like you instead of “the force”, I’m sure he would be here today & just think of all the extra gifts & treasures of his music we would have had to enjoy these past 16 years? (sigh)


    1. alysoncamus says:

      Thank you for your long comment. However, I want to add I strongly disagree with the part about being with our own kind. This case has nothing to do with races.


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