A Few Elliott Smith Childhood Pictures, Taken From A Family Album

Childhood pictures are always sweet, sometimes bitter sweet, especially when the person has passed away.

Singer, songwriter and musician Elliott Smith, best known for his albums ‘XO’ and ‘Figure 8’ released on Dreamwork Records, almost rose to mainstream prominence when his song ‘Miss Misery’ (which is featured in the soundtrack for the Gus Van Sant film ‘Good Will Hunting’) was nominated for an Oscar in 1998.

Doc Widger, Elliott Smith’s cousin, very kindly sent me these family pictures, showing a very young Elliott with an irresistible smile. His parents Gary and Bunny separated when he was a few months old, and most of the pictures were taken during a family reunion in Venice Beach, where Doc’s father and Gary Smith met up for Christmas. Gary Smith was living there at the time, but he now lives in Portland, Oregon.

Elliott looked like a happy kid, with a cute blonde bob, enjoying reading books with his parents or playing with his half sister (Rachel Smith in the black and white pic).

In 2003, Elliott was working on his sixth studio album, ‘From a Basement on the Hill’, which was eventually posthumously released in 2004, when he tragically died of two stab wounds, exactly thirteen years ago on this day, October 21st. The circumstances surrounding his death have still not been clearly established by the police.

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