Strange Parallel: What A Bad Tale From New York Can Tell Us About Elliott’s Story

This NY Post news item is really remarkable because of its close resemblance to Elliott Smith’s tragic ending. 

Picture this, Yekaterina Pusepa, 22, was found by the cops while standing on a Manhattan sidewalk on Friday, with her boyfriend ‘splayed out with a knife wound to the chest’ and ‘lying on the street’

It is reported that ‘she told cops she grabbed a kitchen knife during a heated argument with Alec Katsnelson — but that he took it from her hand and plunged it into his own chest.

However, sources said she changed her story under questioning and ‘after Katsnelson, 22, got out of surgery at Bellevue Hospital yesterday he said she stabbed him with one of two knives that cops found.’

And this is the only part where the story diverges from Elliott’s, the guy survived and was able to tell the cops she had stabbed him. But conveniently, this woman was trying to mask her crime as a suicide.

The article also says the two had been dating since November, so it was a relatively short relationship, and a tumultuous one as Katsnelson ‘once tried to kick her out’ and ‘Cops were called at one point after they got into a fight’.

It is well documented that Elliott Smith and Jennifer Chiba had this kind of relationship, which even made Sean Organ, the owner of Org Records, the British label that was planning to release Chiba’s band’s single declare: ’people began to speak of their relationship as furiously difficult, similar to the infamous and ultimately disastrous liaison between Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen’

The day Elliott died, neighbors heard the violent fight they were having,… here is what someone wrote on a website: ‘second, she and elliott have had this emotional, dramatic table turning, door slamming, screaming ‘I hate you’ type of relationship, typical for a manic and a depressed individual right? The wife has witnessed it herself in a bar one night. Well, they were having one of those episodes. ‘

It was not different for these two New Yorkers, as several neighbors described what they heard:

I heard a lot of yelling, two people screaming. A lot of the screaming was coming from a woman.’

The argument was so intense, another neighbor was heard yelling, You guys need to shut up!

She was screaming more and louder. It was anger and hostility like someone making threats. You could tell there was a fight.’

After her crime, Yekaterina Pusepa, screamed to call 911, the police came when Pusepa was helping her boyfriend bleeding to death. Another neighbor said that ‘she was lying on top of him. She looked scared.’

  1. Chiba is the one who called 911 and an operator talked her through CPR until the paramedics arrived…. Again the situation cannot be more similar.

When the cops arrived Pusepa was ‘drenched in blood, blotchy handprints covering her arms and T-shirt’, and in Elliott’s case, we don’t know what the police saw exactly when they arrived. If J. Chiba was doing CPR and he was bleeding to death, she must have been drenched in blood too, but nothing is reported about her appearance in the police report. I have always wondered why certain articles mention she was taking a shower whereas this has never been reported in the police report. But when did she take a shower exactly if she did?

Katsnelson was in the process of getting a restraining order against Pusepa, and a source close to Elliott told us Elliott wanted to leave J. Chiba. Curiously, both women got a DUI in California! Actually J. Chiba had two DIUs!

I know that someone’s story is not someone else’s story, but this is too bizarre, the stormy relationship, the couple’s fight the day of the accident, the stabbing with the kitchen knife, the girlfriend calling 911, helping her boyfriend, then telling to the cops he had stabbed himself,… this is too eerie and I have a tendency to think that similar situations bring up similar developments. The only piece missing in Elliott Smith’s story is J. Chiba changing her story. But again, rumors have said she told many different stories to several people at the time before settling with what we know now.

Originally published on Rock NYC (May 14 2012)


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