No Distributor For Gil Reyes’ Documentary About Elliott Smith

The premiere of the documentary ‘Searching for Elliott Smith’ was in 2009, and 3 years later, the movie is still screened in theaters and festivals, and, as a matter of fact, there will be another screening on April 6 in Long Beach.

On the movie Facebook page, tons of fans have requested a DVD release, but each time Gil Reyes is saying that there is no such plan, and recently he even wrote this:

‘Our talks with DVD/online distributors have either stalled or broken down. But we’re still getting requests from theaters, and we’re glad to oblige…’

So nobody wants to distribute his documentary? What a surprise! But it is in fact strange he cannot find anyone interested by an Elliott Smith project, he was definitively not a huge star, but he has a strong cult following and there is definitely a demand regarding anything related to Elliott.

So I guess a lot of people realize that the movie is not this wonderful and humble homage to the songwriter that Reyes is trying to sell everywhere, … MTV, VH1 or FUSE were not interested Gil? Bizarre, because Elliott appeared a few times in VH1’s daily one live or MTV’s Carson Daily, I cannot imagine how they are not all over the movie.

But why isn’t Reyes releasing the movie by himself? These days, there are many possibilities, a lot of people raise money through Kickstarter for example, and it works! But Reyes doesn’t really need money, the movie is already done and he could just set up one of these run-your-own-movie-streaming-websites and actually make money! But I don’t want to give him ideas…

Originally published on Rock NYC (March 25 2012)


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