Somebody Should Have Been Sued Somewhere

It’s always interesting to read about parallel stories. 
The criminal investigation about rapper Notorious B.I.G.’s murder, has remained open since 1997.
In 2005, the family filled a wrongful death claim against the LAPD, and they even filed a second wrongful death lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles in 2007, charging that officials covered up police involvement in Biggie Smalls’ killing.
In 2005, Rolling Stone published an article accusing the LAPD of not fully investigating links between Death Row Records and B.I.G.’s death

The lawsuit was dismissed last April, ‘without prejudice’, meaning that the case could be filed again. Effectively, the criminal investigation has picked up again after new information has surfaced, and that’s the reason why the lawsuit is on hold.

What can be said when we compare this case to Elliott Smith’s case? Both are unsolved, but the two situations are very differently handled by the families.
If B.I.G.’s family is suing the LAPD and the city, Elliott’s family has never tried to sue anyone.
They should have, and Iman thinks they should have sued the LAPD, since the investigation was mishandled, botched since the beginning,

Personally, I think they should have sued J. Chiba for non-assistance to Elliott when he was threatening to kill himself; if somebody threatens suicide, it’s never a joke, it always requires attention. But she locked herself instead.
Then she removed the knife and probably knew she shouldn’t have as she had a therapist training.
Then she may have waited several minutes before calling 911, and may have called someone (as some rumors have reported). If the police had done a proper investigation, we would know this for sure.

These points seem to be serious grounds for a lawsuit.

Originally published on Rock NYC (January 9 2011)


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