“Searching For Elliott Smith” Director Gil Reyes Comments Under His Name And Then Flees

Gil Reyes, finally stopped being anonymous, and wrote a logical reply to us. He then chose to delete it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way in the wild world of blogging.

Here is what Gil wrote:

‘Not to sound condescending, but in the US and in many other countries, you are innocent until proven guilty.Yes, the case is technically open. But police have not actively investigated for years since no one credible has stepped forward with new, relevant information. But if you think you have that, you should most definitely tell your info to police.

One police source told me- exact quote- “we don’t think she did it, we never said she did it, and if we thought she did it, we would’ve arrested her a long time ago.”

The reason the case remains open is the LA County Coroner’s final report. It ruled the mode of death as “undetermined”. That’s the coroner’s office basically saying “We don’t know.”

So basically you have:
1) the LA County Coroner saying “DON’T KNOW”-
2) the LAPD saying, “NO- but we’ll keep the case open, because of the Coroner’s report, and in case somebody knows something we don’t”.
3) Chiba- the only person alive who knows for sure- saying “NO”.

Based on my contacts with the LAPD, the LA County Coroner’s office, and Chiba’s interview, I’m leaning toward “no” also. That’s just my opinion.

The main people directly calling her a murderer/negligent are people on the internet.

I’ve read some of your posts regarding the case and personally don’t find them credible, but maybe authorities will think differently. I would definitely contact them if I were as convinced as you. Here’s their info. Gil.

LAPD Northeast Division
3353 N San Fernando Rd
Los Angeles, CA 90065-1416

Here is the reply of my editor, Iman Lababedi:

 ‘Of course, we have tried to get the the info off the LAPD. Really, Gil. Is that what the LAPD toldja? Did you see the CSI files? Bah. THEY DON’T HAVE TO TELL ANY ONE A THING IF IT IS AN OPEN CASE.
There are two reason I don’t let this story die.
1. The LAPD won’t take it out of limbo. If they would classify it a cold case, we could look at the CSI. They won’t. We can’t.
2. I really thought Elliott killed himself and Chiba made a mistake anybody might  till I discovered Chiba knew first aid. That being the case, how could she NOT HAVE KNOWN THE RESULTS OF REMOVING THE KNIFE FROM ELLIOTT’S CHEST.  Maybe she panicked. In which case she should be charged with criminal negligence.
That’s it. that’s all.
Maybe everything Reyes has to say is 100% correct, it still doesn’t change those two points.
It was Reyes job to discover the truth.  Not to let Chiba get away with charming and bullshitting him.
Originally published on Rock NYC (December 11 2010)

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