More Unanswered Questions

After my long conversation on the phone with Liam Gowing, I had a lot to think about, really a lot…

I realize he did a long and throughout investigation, putting all his heart and time into it.
Without revealing what he said to Iman and me, I have tried to come up with questions about some points that are still unclear in my mind:
• In a LA Weekly article of January 2004, Christine Pelisek wrote:
‘According to the January 6 report, Smith’s girlfriend, Jennifer Chiba, told police that she and Smith were arguing when she locked herself in the bathroom. She said she heard Smith scream, opened the bathroom door and found him standing with his back to her. When he turned around, she told police, she saw the kitchen knife in his chest. She said he was standing up, conscious and gasping for breath. She told police that she pulled the knife out of his chest and saw “two cuts” before he walked away and collapsed.’
You remove a knife from a wound that is bleeding, it bleeds even more, but you are able to see there are two cuts?? I think it’s odd and I wonder why this part was not questioned further.
• In Filter magazine of February 2008, the author said this about Robin Peringer:
‘I ask Robin about his friendship with Elliott Smith, and he candidly obliges. The two were close during the mid-’90s, but drifted apart as Elliott began to distance himself with drugs. They rekindled their relationship just before his death, and Robin tells the harrowing story of cleaning up the blood throughout Elliott’s house after the suicide.’
Why there was blood throughout the house? You have to imagine Elliott walked or ran through the house to spread blood everywhere. If he stabbed himself twice in the chest, why did he walk around the house? I know it is possible to walk when stabbed, but why did he walk away?
• Regarding Robin Peringer again, why did he say this to someone I knew well at that time, just 2 days after Elliott’s death:
‘Elliott was very happy. Always laughing, very upbeat, cracking jokes all of the time. There was no sign, what-so-ever of anything like this happening.’
And then said all these overpowering things regarding Elliott’s mental state in 2004?
• The following was found on line, and I will keep the person’s name anonymous:
‘According to a neighbor she’d stormed out of the house briefly after a loud screaming match, but then she turned around and went inside and found Elliott all bleeding.’
A description that does not fit with the official story (she said she locked herself in the bathroom)… a loud screaming match would indicate they screamed together. To clarify this why didn’t the police question the neighbors?
• The detective told me on the phone there were several other reports beside the autopsy report made public. Why were the other ones not made public? And what are they about?
We still have questions.
Originally published on Rock NYC (August 8 2010)

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