The Elliott Smith CSI

C.S.I., Crime Scene Investigation, why are there so many C.S.I. shows on TV when in reality so many criminal investigations are not correctly conducted?

The Truth About Elliott Smith: An Article From The Oregonian

In January 2010, Margie Boulé, a journalist for the Oregonian, wrote an article entitled ‘The truth about Elliott Smith’, in which she tried to give a more accurate portrait of the songwriter, denouncing the myth created around his image of trouble and depressed artist. She managed to interview Marta, Elliott’s stepmother, who had never publicly…

More Unanswered Questions

After my long conversation on the phone with Liam Gowing, I had a lot to think about, really a lot…

Some More Thoughts About CPR Training

Having had a basic CPR/first aid training where I work, a few things went through my mind and I asked a question to the woman who was doing the training, a question about how to deal with people who are emotionally unstable, or even suicidal. She said that, of course, it was a whole different…

We respond to Liam Gowing And The Elliott Smith Article

Liam Gowing’s answer to our post about his Spin Magazine article was a surprise to me though I appreciate somebody going on the record for us even if it is all a little contradictory. I guess the story isn’t finished for him, and I guess this says how touchy Elliott Smiths baffling “suicide” is even…

Suicide Lies

Jennifer Chiba said that ‘Suicide machine’ was the last song Elliott Smith was working on, just the night before he died. How bizarre and convenient it is to say that a song with suicide in its title was Elliott’s last work, if you want to convince people he effectively committed suicide.

Elliott Smith And The LAPD, Round One

November 25th 2002, Elliott Smith attended a Flaming Lips/Beck concert, a promising double bill, at the Universal Amphitheatre in LA, and strange things happened. I had a ticket for this concert too, and, although the place is quite big, I ended up seating a few rows behind him, his girlfriend and his sister.